Modcloth finds

  My son is getting married on December 14th and I am looking for a holiday dress to wear to the wedding.  I really don't want to resort to black so I looked on Modcloth.com to get some ideas.
ornate celebration dress $104.99
If the Dress Fetes $94.99
cross your teas dress $79.99
refined and regal dress $152.99
sapphire stunner dress $147.99

Radiant Roses dress $144.99

Kettle Corn Dress $109.99
As you can see there are lots of dresses to choose from on modcloth.com.  The great thing is there is free shipping and free returns so I could order them all and just keep them all the ones that I like the best!  I also have three or four fabrics that I purchased to make dresses so maybe one of them will turnout to be the one.  I love the holidays and I love weddings so this is perfect!  I am definitely pretty emotional about my son getting married but I am burying my sorrows in dresses.



Rachel said...

That first dress is TO DIE FOR!!! Do you have any fabric similar?

sewdarnlucky said...

For weddings I believe solid colors are the appropriate choice. Much easier to photograph as far as blending in with everyone else. I love the blue dress. Classic yet still a stunner. It would look great with your coloring and won't risk outshining the bride like a red dress would. I am a southerner and no one would wear black or red in a wedding. lol