modcloth's Luxe-y in Love coat is Amazing!!

Modcloth.com Luxe-y in love coat $249.99
This coat is A-mazing!  I am at a saturation point on coats for a Houstonian but this one is really tempting me.  It is a wool blend so it isn't too heavy for our winters and I am really liking the fur touches.  Since moving from Michigan six years ago, I have had to adjust to not purchasing several new coats every year.  Last year I found a super 1960's tiger fur coat at a thrift store so that was my coat last year.  I just got a couple of "jackets" last week that were supposed to be coats but not that I have seen this one, they are going to be called jackets.  I think I should at least just order this and try it on just to prove to myself that it will make me look fat.  I really hope it does! lol.

Have a happy day!

I got the coat and I really love it!!


Anonymous said...

Did you end up ordering it? I was going to get it in a Small but by the time I had the courage to make the order (from Canada), they no longer had my size! :( So much regret!!!

Anonymous said...

I know this is late - but I was wondering what the brand of this coat is? Ive been wanting it since last year & it's out of stock on Modcloth, so I was going to try & track one down elsewhere. Looks amazing on you!

Sandee Royalty said...

It is collectif from the uk. They also have a us website.