Two new Kate Spade Quinn bags from the outlet

      I really lucked out yesterday when I visited the Kate spade outlet in Houston! I headed there for the darling vintage television Quinn.  It has a tinted screen just like a television screen and a real dial to change channels.  The price was amazing with the 30% discount I think it was around $105.  To find a Quinn for under $200 is very unusual so I was really happy.  

While I was shopping, they were unpacking a box of transfers from the retail shop and found the Wise Owl Quinn inside!  I already have the Maximilian Owl bag from a few years ago but it is TOTALLY different...
It has more brown instead of the black and shiny bits.  It also isn't a Quinn.  I try to only purchase a Quinn or very special bag.  The Wise Owl was both!!

I am so excited because I only got one other bag for Christmas and that was just a little shiny pink Quinn for my valentine's purse.
It is really fun!  I think I am going to have to add another shelf to my purse storage shelf.  I may try to sell some here on the blog to make room so stay tuned!

Have a colorful day!


Kristal said...

Thanks to you, I went to the outlet here in Los Angeles and found the TV Quinn. I love it! I didn't get so lucky with any retail transfers. Also, I purchased your Par Avion clutch. Looking forward to receiving it! I'll take great care of it!

Insidemelookingout said...

Was this at the Cypress outlet? The owl is soooo cute how much was it if you don't mind me asking.

I am currently on the hunt for a carousel bangle watch under retail price. Did you happen to see any out that way?

2 Scientists said...

So cute! Would you be interested in the newspaper clutch? I'm going to be selling mine, unused and nwt.