I love the kate spade new arrivals!

         Finally, some darling clothes from ksny!  I am in love with these new arrivals on katespade.com.  I am crazy for the pink silk and the heart accessories.  That jacket is amazing! I would love to wear that with jeans and sparkly flats.   I am also going to look for a sewing pattern for that dress because the cut is so flattering.  It is really vintage inspired.  I have been sewing valentine outfits lately and stocking up on heart accessories.  

I got this necklace from modcloth.com 

And this purse from ebay!  It is actually from Fredrick's of hollywood but I found it on ebay for cheaper and I really didn't want to order from Fredrick's because then they would send me all their catalogs and emails. 
It was just too cute to pass up.  It is really big too!!

I made a few skirts

I am going to work on my house decor today, adding some pink accents and hearts around the place.  I don't want it to loo tack y so I am going to have to be pretty careful...

Have a super day!

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