Bookstore Date Collection Fall 2014 Sandee Royalty

 One of my new fall 2014 collections is called Bookstore Date!  It is inspired by the lovely dates my husband and I have had visiting bookstores and playing with books for hours.  I chose warm colors like teal, fuchsia, olive and golden yellow for the color pallet.  I fell in love with some plaid taffeta so there are several new taffeta skirts. There are a few themed pieces too like a skirt covered in library books and a skirt covered in the text from Pride and Prejudice. I added some color-blocked skirts in the cozy color pallet for some variety.  Here are a few pre-pictures.

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I have yet to do the photo shoot with all the designs but I did put a sneek peek on the shop to let customers see what is to come.  These are just a few of the new designs.  There is also a new line of solid ball skirts and color-blocked ball skirts.  I have another collection London Calling in red cream and navy blue that is also available.  I lost my photographer when my daughter went to college so the photo shoots are few and far between.  I have recruited my husband to take the pictures so we will see what they look like this time.  It could be good or....

Have a lovely day!

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