New Sewing Studio Tour 2015

I am super excited about my new sewing studio!  I have lots of room and storage for all of my projects.  I was able to move everything over the holiday and am ready for a reveal!

Oliver the cat loves my Ikea desk chair.  It is really comfortable because I can lean back and relax vs. a standard chair that keeps me upright.  I have found that being able to relax my muscles and change position really helps when sewing for hours on end.  The gold and white art is from the cover of a notebook that I framed.  I loved it and used up the notebook so framing allowed me to keep enjoying it.

Olivia the poodle has lots of space to stretch out in the new space.  The chandelier was an anniversary gift from my husband and he moved it from my other studio to this room.  It gives so much light!  The cutting table is from Ikea.  I have it marked with tape so I can see 1 yard easily without having to get out the tape-measure. The light up question mark is from Target as are the striped baskets.  Those are from my other space also.  The chevron mannequin is from Hobby Lobby.

The garment rack is from Ross but they sell the same on at Target.  It is the cheap one ($20) but my husband sprayed it gold on the black parts to make it more glam for me.  I also have my all in one touchscreen computer handy for office tasks and internet breaks.

The 2 desks side by side are from Ikea here . $69 freaking dollars each which was amazing!  They even have 2 drawers.  The overlocker doesn't make it shake like crazy either. I have plans to paint the bottom of the white office chair gold where it is sliver (pinterest inspiration) and get a second one for the computer.  It can be found at Ikea here . At $149 a pop, I decided to use my funds on fabric instead of getting a second chair right away.  I made a gallery wall with random gold and white prints including a $1 card from the Target dollar section.  The square prints at the top are vintage butterflies.  It looks much better in person.  The orderly squares at the top echo the desks and then I filled in randomly with the prints of white and gold in white frames.  I will be hopefully be adding another one above the monitor but haven't found the right thing yet.  

The chair is for contemplating.... it is from Ikea and the golden gem of a footstool/cube is from Ross for $12. I put a hide rug underneath the chair because someday I am putting in wood flooring and I wanted to be ready.  The little turquoise cart in the background is from Ikea also.  I love it because I can keep all my necessaries close at hand.

The studio room, which overlooks my family room, has a little wet bar and a bathroom attached.  I am using the bar for mailing supplies and sewing notions.  I got an over-the-door ironing board from Target to put on the bathroom door.  I had a wonderful ironing board but it usually served as a catch-all so this new one won't allow me to put things all over it.  I hope...

This is another view from the window area.  You can see that the room looks into the family room downstairs.  I really like this because it makes the space even larger.  I am not closed off from the rest of the world either.  This shelving unit is from Ikea.  It is the billy bookcase with doors and Lack shelving across the middle.  I would have preferred all white but I already had these and that meant that they were "free".  At least the doors are white.  

Here is another view of the little wet bar which I am calling the "nook".  I haven't really found its full potential yet but I have time to grow into it.  I do want a Kureg pot for tea/coffee and some mugs.  It has a small sink so that will be just perfect.

This mega urn is holding my large bolts of fabric to get them off the floor.  It isn't the final plan but I needed something for them and it held my Christmas tree.  My husband didn't know where to store it so I took it for my fabric.  I may paint it white but I don't know if I want it white for my Christmas decor so I will decide later.  I have a little globe on the counter where I stick stars when I mail something to other countries.  It is fun to see how many places they are wearing Sandee Royalty skirts.  

I have two shelving units for bolts of fabric that I use often to grab easily when filling orders.  I just took the shelves out of some cheap shelves from Target and they are just the right size for a large bolt of 60" fabric. I am planning on painting the black frame with my logo print tonight.  I want it to be white like the other frames.  It has been too cold for spray painting so I have had to wait a bit. 

This is where I secretly store my personal sewing fabric.  I have some on large bolts and the rest on small cardboard bolts that I made by cutting pieces of cardboard to fit the shelf.  Patterns are in the baskets on the top shelf. I am not allowing myself to have more than fits in the shelves (unless it is stored in the attic...)

I LOVE my pin board!  It is the huge chalkboard that I had in the family room, with white canvas over it.  The tissue paper flowers are from Target and I make the flag banners by sewing scrapbook paper on a strip of bias binding.  I haven't really put anything on it yet because I am just moving in.  The creative juices have all been used in making the room, not in planning and designing outfits.  Now that I am all set up...let the creativity begin!
    I hope that you liked my sewing studio tour.  I am so thankful for the wonderful space and that my husband allowed me to move everything around.  He is amazing.  This room was the media room upstairs and now the television is downstairs in the family room.  It is so much better for the empty nest that we have now.  We are enjoying it lots.  I will post a photo of the room when it is all finished.  I am still tweaking it a little to get the look that I want.  I want it to be comfortable but still a bit formal.  What would I do without pinterest???



Katie D said...

Your studio looks gorgeous Sandee! I love the all white motif and how your cat and poodle seem to blend in perfectly! It's nice to have an inspiring place like the one you've designed to work in.

Sandee Royalty said...

Thanks Katie! I like working in a white or neutral environment so my projects are the focus. I tend to be distractable. I hope that I can be really creative in my new space. :)

Linda Koch said...

Awesome Sandee! Blessings as you adjust and expand!