The Daisy Dress- A simple shift to embellish with fun!

This is my newest creation: The Daisy dress, inspired from a dress I saw on instagram with daisies all over it!  I have more planned but the others won't have a daisy on the pocket.  The possibilities are endless! I just wanted a simple denim shift dress without facings (bias binding instead) that I can throw on anytime and look charming. It closes with a back zipper which I made an invisible zip.  The bright green denim was from Joann Fabrics.This Green denim Daisy dress was just screaming for a daisy pocket so I obliged.

This little pocket has an applique that I made by drawing a daisy shape that would fit in the rectangle shape of the pocket.  I wanted it to take up most of the space instead of just being in the middle.  More bang for my buck.  I ironed it on to wonder under and zig-zagged it to the pocket before sewing it on the dress.  I added the center circle after the petals.  I really wanted two pockets but there wasn't enough fabric left over for a second pocket.  Next time it is in red denim and I am planning on two pockets.

I found this kate spade necklace in my closet after taking my little selfie so I am wearing it with the Daisy dress.  Like Kathleen Kelly from You've Got Mail, Daisies are my favorite flower.  I really like anything with the daisy shape like sunflowers, purple coneflowers, mums etc... I am not picky.
    I am hoping to post more of my sewing projects this year, mainly to have somewhere to document what I have made.  I love looking back at things later on.  Instagram is great for that. It is fun to look at your picture feed from the year before to see what you wore or did or ate. :) Blogs require more attention but the return is great so I will give it a try.


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Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see that you're updating your blog - I've missed it! Your blog is always so cheerful and I especially enjoy reading your kate spade finds and decor posts :)

Thank you!