Questions to ask when doing a closet clean-out

This is my closet right after a clean out a few years ago.  
       When cleaning out the closet for a change in season or a change in your life, there are lots of questions you should ask yourself while sorting through the heaps of clothing.  I have found it very helpful to enlist the assistance of a close friend when you find yourself with too many things and not enough space for them.  It is hard to part with some things that you love but never wear or things that may not be as fresh as they should be.  A friend can be a voice of reason in the process and help you see yourself the way others see you.  I have also asked myself a few hard questions that help in organizing my closet.

1. What are my lifestyle categories?

This question is great because if you are like me, you tend to accumulate clothing in one particular category.  I love dressy clothes!  The problem is that the only place I can wear them is to church and the occasional dressy dinner.  When they take up half of my closet, this is not a good use of space.  I had a lifestyle change when my daughter left for college and I am home sewing most of the time instead of out and about shopping and lunching.  The category of cute housewife clothes should be my largest group of clothes.  I need to reduce the amount of dressy things and focus on those comfortable/cute outfits.  If you have large amounts of work out clothes but never go to the gym, they need to be culled down to just the best things. If you decide to start working out again, you have something cute to wear but the mounds of yoga pants won't take up room in your closet that you need for everyday clothes.  Some different categories could be: Work, Shopping, Exercise, Church, Dinner, Weekend comfy clothes and Formal-wear. 

2. Does this fit me well?

Fit is an important question because if an item doesn't fit, it should not be in the closet.  Keeping it in storage is an option if you are in love with it and want to fit in it again someday.  Alterations are also possible on some favorite things that you may really love.

3. Does this look fresh?

I have the biggest problem with this question when it comes to my favorite cardigan sweaters!  They usually only last one season because they get pill-y and washed out. I hate to part with one of my best cardigans but putting a worn out sweater over a lovely new dress is not a good choice even if it is the best color ever.   Double check your clothes for stains, worn places and faded color.  Remove those things from your closet to keep your wardrobe fresh as a daisy.

4. What organization method will I use?

This question is more advanced and more for someone who has good "closet control" and is ready for some fine tuning.  For fun in the closet, I sort my clothes into color capsules for each season or sometimes each month.  It really makes getting dressed like going to the store each morning.  If you notice in the shops, they have groups of clothing that go together all displayed together.  It looks so inspiring!  I do this in my closet so I will like my clothes more and have an easier time making outfits.  You can group things in color capsules like I do or you can group them into themes like preppy, nautical, floral, sporty etc...  You could also put all the polka dots together, all the stripes and florals and then solids by color.  You can just group everything by colors which is the easiest way to organize.  I usually keep the types (skirt, sweater, shirt etc) together no matter what method I use.  The key to a great closet is not to have too much in it so you can manage everything well.  If you squeeze everything in you will feel cramped and yucky when you are looking in you closet for what to wear for the day.

There are more questions you can ask yourself but these are my favorite and most used.  I hope that this info. inspires you to tackle your closet and get it ready for spring!

Never miss a chance to be charming!

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