Mod Maddie Shift Dresses for the Holidays!

        I just finished listing these Holiday Shift dresses on my etsy shop!  They are in Matte Duchess Satin and fully lined in shiny satin.  I thought they might be good for ladies looking for something comfortable for parties that still looked super cute.  The bow is detachable so you can pin it to the shoulder or even in the back for a different look.  It also looks great plain and simple without the bow.  I love huge bows so I wanted to make it an optional thing for those who might not.  I wanted to call it the Present Dress but I already had Mod Maddie shift dresses in my shop in the same pattern so I didn't want it to be confusing.  The Mod Maddie is named after my daughter Madeline Hartley.  The Hartley skirt is also named after her.  We used to call her Mad Maddie when she was in a bad mood so Mod Maddie just seemed to fit the namesake dress. The dresses are $95 each and come in the colors above.  If you want to mix an match the bows it is not a problem.  I had to pick a color so I just chose one for the photos.  I know that you may have your own vision... The sizing is xs-xl but I might be able to make a pattern for you if you need a different size.  I will sure try!

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