Kate Spade founder to Launch a New Brand this month! Frances Valentine

image of Kate Spade via WWD

this is the showroom of Frances Valentine.  Cool Huh? Image via WWD
image via WWD  
                 She's back! And the best thing is, she hasn't changed much at all!  Kate Spade, THE Person, has started a new company with her buddies by the name of Frances Valentine   It launches this January online and can be seen in some amazing department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales along with some smaller retail shops.   She is starting with accessories just like before, having fun with shoes and bags at first.  The price point is around $400 for shoes and from there to about $800 for bags.  They are made in Italy and Spain so the quality will be wonderful.  That is something that I miss from the past Kate Spade brand that was sold by the Spades in 2001.  They continued to help out until 2007 so the quality was good for a while.  I don't mind paying for quality if I know something is going to last and be enjoyed for a long time.  I have shoes from Kate Spade from 2004 that are still "ok" to wear out of the house!  They really need a re-sole but they are so comfy now that I just can't bring myself to do it.

Kate Spade says that she is still the same person that she was when designing in the 2000's so the style aesthetic is the same.  I am super excited to see the new designs! What a dream to start a business with your friends that you finance so you can do whatever you would like!

The Frances Valentine website says that they are coming January 2016 so sign up now to get the email when it launches!
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I got all my scoop from WWD so you can enjoy lots of info and photos etc... if you check out their article.
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