Kate Spade has changed her last name to Valentine!

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            Totally committed to her new brand, Kate Spade has recently changed her last name to Valentine. This info is according to an article I read on the news site Business of Fashion!  How exciting!  As I wrote about recently, she and husband Andy Spade along with two friends have launched the brand Frances Valentine.  I was thinking how confusing it would be to carry the name of a large brand like kate spade new york.  People couldn't understand that she wasn't behind it anymore.  Her new venture will be small at first and friendly.  Kate Valentine is starting with designing shoes and bags gradually adding to the offerings.  It is so wonderful to see a group of friends in their early 50's or so doing something fun and new.

via sleepy jones

Andy Spade also has a fun Pajama company called Sleepy Jones that sells the greatest PJ's on the planet.  I recently purchased a striped tee from SJ and plan on wearing it day and night!  That is the great thing about pajamas, you can wear them as clothes during the day too!

I encourage you to check it out!  I am glad to see Andy Spade and Kate Valentine back on the scene!  We could really use some more of their great style around here!


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