How to Use Sea Salt Spray?
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How to Use Sea Salt Spray?

Every girl wants beachy and wavy hair because they look natural and chic at the same time. As the name suggests, sea salt spray has sea salt and water with some other ingredients. People search for best sea salt spray for fine straight hair as it is not easy to style straight hair.

Sea salt water has the quality to turn fine hair into voluminous and crunchy to give it a nice wavy look. It is the best product after dry shampoos. Hair gets oily after some time, and with the help of dry shampoo, one can turn oily hair into fresh hair as you want.

Now the question arises of how to use a sea salt spray on your hair. That is really easy, and you don’t have to put much effort into that. No matter if you have curly hair or fine, straight hair, you can easily get the best sea salt spray.

Let’s get to the step by step guide of using the sea salt spray

Dampen your hair

It is the first step you take to get the beachy waves. You can rinse your hair with water and let it dry a bit until it is damp. Or you can use your spray water bottle and make your hair damp. After this, you should take a wide teeth comb and detangle your damp hair. This way, there will be no knots in your hair.

After making your hair a bit damp, you will get the wet hair look, and keep in mind to use a comb just for detangling. You have to comb your hair just enough amount and slow strokes so that there is no hair breakage and falling.

Shake the spray bottle

There are so many ingredients in the spray, and that is why you should shake it before use. The main components are obviously sea salt and water, but to give a little more texture and smoothness, other things are also vital. If you need the best sea salt hair spray for fine, straight hair, you will find more components.

Fine and straight hair needs more work to give volume. To have the desired result, you need to shake the bottle properly so that the components are mixed well. You must have seen this on every spray bottle that they ask you to shake before using because it is essential.

Spray it on your hair

It is not the final step, but obviously the most crucial one. You can’t spray the hair-spray just like that; you need to make sections of your hair first. It would help if you made the sections to ensure that every part of your hair is getting enough salt spray.

The main focus should be on your mid-length and hair roots. If you have really fine hair, then you should use the spray on the ends also. It is mostly not suggested because it is generally dried out, so it is not needed. You can use dry shampoo on your hair ends instead of spray also.

You can try the hair spray in different ways to get the desired result also. Start from a small section and a little amount of spray. This way, you will figure out what quantity is best for you and your hair according to the product. You can use more spray if needed once you have completed the previous steps.

Scrunch your hair

The main pro of a hair spray is that it keeps your hair intact the way you intended to. With the help of the best sea salt spray for fine, straight hair, you can make your hair the way you want to. You can scrunch and twist your hair to give them waves.

If you don’t know how to scrunch your hair, then you can go through the points below:

  • After spraying your hair, keep your palm at the ends of your hair.
  • Hold all that section in your hand and make your way up.
  • Hold and press that section multiple times until you get the waves you need.
  • You can use more hair spray if you want more waves in your hair.

Scrunching will help you give the texture you want on your own. The sea salt has some acting agents that make hair wavy and keep them like that for a day or more. By twisting the hair, you can personalize the hair the way you need it to be.

The best sea salt spray for fine straight hair will keep your hair in the beachy waves for a day. If you have short and already wavy hair, you will be able to keep the look for more than a day. It is because the spray is enhancing the waves you already have.

Dry your hair

Some people have thick hair, and it takes time for the thick hair to dry. If your hair is still wet from the rinsing and spray, you can dry your hair with a dryer. But it is imperative to use the dryer on the diffuser mode.

If you use the dryer in other settings, you will find no texture left in your hair. You can make your hair to dry naturally and see the proper result. Don’t keep the dryer too close to the hair; you just have to use the dryer in a way that air flows around you.

It is always suggested not to use a towel to dry your hair after the spray. If you rub a towel on your head to dry the wet hair, your hair will get frizzy and rough. It can cause breakage in hair and damage it permanently.

The closure

These are the steps to use a sea salt spray on your hair. There are so many things that you need to keep in mind for keeping your hair healthy. If you don’t know how to scrunch your hair, you can use a conditioner with the spray also.

The conditioner can make keep the hair wavy and smooth. You must check the product if it suits your hair type, so many people makes this mistake and then they don’t get the result they want.

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