Bryce Howard is the new Face of Kate Spade!

Bryce Dallas Howard, of Twilight fame and daughter of Ron Howard is the new face of kate spade new york.  29 year old Bryce has such lovely red hair and fair skin! It will be fun to see the unique ads that will be featuring her in the spring. Shot in Greenpoint, Brooklyn by famed photographer Norman Jean Roy, Bryce is sporting the much anticipated Scout bag in popping sherbet colors. I have heard that she will be wearing roller skates in one of the ads! Yay!
Deborah Lloyd couldn't be happier with her new spokesmodel! "The moment she puts our clothes on they come to life in a new, spirited way," Lloyd told People.

It may be possible that this is a longer term relationship than just ss1! The lovely kate spade president and chief creative officer suggests it might be more than one season, "We've been looking for someone to have a partnership with, as opposed to a flirtation...[Bryce is] not just a pretty face. She's a multi-talented woman, which represented the brand very well." 

This kate spade-aholic personally thinks she is an excellent choice to represent the brand!  kate spade has never had a celebrity model before, and just as this is a first for kate spade, it's a first for Bryce too. 
“The Kate Spade offer came up and I kind of lost my mind. There’s something about that brand that, from a young age, I really, really, really connected with. It was always the thing I wanted for Christmas…since I was 15 or 16. It represents a lifestyle that I always really loved.…It’s my first experience [in an ad campaign]. But I wouldn’t have been good otherwise…It just would have been obvious if I weren’t into the brand,” Howard said.
This is great news for me! I was not very excited with the holiday campaign because the models looked so "un-classic" with their messed up hair and crazy jewelry layers.  I am so thrilled with this direction that kate spade ny is taking with their model choice and the look of their campaign for SS1. I can't wait to see more!
happy new year!

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