kate spade has introduced a new logo! A Spade! Cliché but cute.

The new kate spade logo is a SPADE! I am a little disappointed that it is not more creative and unique. Let's call a spade a spade, it is so cliché, like Target having a target for a logo.  I guess I am sorry I was not part of the creative process but I will learn to love it anyway.  After all, it is kate spade!  I so loved the monogram KS logo and the license plate logo.  I hope this will just be an addition to bring in the "young, hip generation".  I after all am one of the initial Kate Spade fans from 1990's!  I remember when the monogram was introduced, I didn't like it right away, it had to grow on me.  I am sure this spade will too!

Twitter friend  took this picture of the new logo at the kate spade store.
see how tiny the spade logo is on the scout.  It almost looks like a dot.

here is is blown up bigger so you can see more true to life size.

It looks cute on the Broome St. jeans!

I love the spade on the flats! Although, I am not a poker player so I guess I won't get them.  Definitely not like the Tori Burch logo that is so well loved! Even though I love it here, I wouldn't buy them in every color like I would the Tori Burch Revas.

It is cute on stamps!

here is your poker journal! lol

this is the spade logo from one of the new bags this spring.  
I like the spade logo the way it is used here!
I guess that there are places the new logo works nicely.  I am sure the creative geniuses at kate spade new york have lots of plans for the logo and I will love them! If any of my readers can enlighten me on the creative process behind this logo, please do!  I just have to wonder why Kate Spade didn't use the spade as her logo years ago?  That could say something about the way the brand is evolving(good or bad).  I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Long live the Spade!



NezumiRyuko said...

I agree, I'm surprised they didn't use the spade symbol earlier.

I'm not a huge fan of the logo either, but I do really like the tiny, rounded spade studs on the bags. They are so cute!

jca3244 said...

I think it's really cute! I especially like those flats.

I just wanted to say thanks for the tip about the tutti frutti skirt- I called your store and they are shipping it to me! YAY!

susan r. said...

I think it's really clever. Thanks for your blog, I am a long time kate spade fan as well. :D

Porshad Elie said...

i LOVE this new logo way more than the other one! So clever!