Guest Post from Color Me Courtney!

I wanted to introduce you to another kate spade-aholic!  I met her last year when her boyfriend purchased one of my Katie skirts as a gift.  She is super cute and her blog is really inspirational!  I asked her to do a guest post featuring the red and white striped Katie skirt that brought us together.  She went above and beyond with an amazing post with tons of styling ideas! I hope you love her as much as I do and the cute outfits she has put together.

Hello Sunshine! I am Courtney of Color Me Courtney the most colorful blog on the block dedicated to brightening up your world and wardrobe through posting frequent style tutorials, trends to track and products to try! Today I am taking over this lovely Miss Sandee Royalty's Kate Spade-Aholic blog, whom I met through our mutual love of Kate Spade and my current obsessed with her Sandee Royalty Designs. 

What's red and white and striped all over? The most adorable skirt a girl could ever twirl about town in: The Katie Skirt from Sandee Royalty!
My love affair with the Katie Skirt was prompted when my boyfriend Paris bought it for me last year. Since then I want to twirl in it everyday and I can, with all these different ways to wear it! Skeptical? well let me prove it to you with ways to wear it: the Katie Skirt.
Work It!
First up, the Katie Skirt takes on the work place!
For those of you who aren't afraid to brighten up your office with bold colors or fun prints, this look is for you! Since I work at Kate Spade where eye catching outfits are encouraged this first outfit is a perfect way to twirl in the Katie Skirt while making enough money to invest in another :)

The Red & White Katie Skirt worn with... Top: Red Polka Dot Blouse, H&M. Earrings: All Wrapped Up Bow Studs, Kate Spade. Tights: Red, Express. Ring: All Wrapped Up Bow Ring, Kate Spade. Kate Spade Bangles: Gold "This is the Year", Yellow "A Shining Light" (No Longer Available), Black "Play Hooky", Dot "In The Spotlight". Lipstick: Supercalafragalipstick in "Adventurous Red", Kate Spade. Shoes: Mary Jane Pumps (NLA), Jessica Simpson.

Wow on a Wednesday
Take the Katie Skirt from Workplace to Wednesday
This special skirt can still shine on a average day! Stepping into this striped stunner can add some color to your hump day or just take any day from typical to twirl-worthy!

Top: Mustard Cowl Top (No Longer Available), New York & Co. Earrings: All Wrapped Up Bow Studs, Kate Spade. Tights: Red, Express. Belt: Vintage, Anne Klein. Head piece: Red Flower (NLA), Kate Spade Give Away. Ring: All Wrapped Up Bow Ring, Kate Spade. Kate Spade Bangles: Gold "This is the Year", Yellow "A Shining Light" (NLA), Green "Grass is Always Greener" (NLA). Lipstick: Supercalafragalipstick in "Adventurous Red", Kate Spade. Shoes: Oxford Booties (NLA),Vince Camuto.

Whether the Weather
 No matter rain or shine, twirl on through the elements in the Katie Skirt
Despite the weather outside, you can still be a ray of sunshine in this fabuloulsy fun and flirty skirt!

Top: Floral Dress, Forever 21. Earrings: All Wrapped Up Bow Studs, Kate Spade. Tights: Sheer Polkadot, Modcloth. Ring: DIY Domino Ring. Belt: Gathered Bow Belt in Red (NLA, Similar 2012 version), Kate Spade. Lipstick: Supercalafragalipstick in "Adventurous Red", Kate Spade. Jacket: Black Trench, Vintage. Shoes: Kelly Green Rain boots (NLA, Similar), Target.

Explore In Style
In the mood for something new? well get adventurous in the Katie Skirt.
By pairing this stylish striped skirt with a slouchy sweater and boots, you can dress it down to create the perfect look the amateur explorer in all of us!

Top: Seafoam Sweater (No Longer Available), J.crew. Earrings: All Wrapped Up Bow Studs, Kate Spade. Tights: Black, Capezio. Belt: Seafoam Skinny belt, Jcrew. Bag: Metallic Gold Flicker Scout, Kate Spade. Ring: All Wrapped Up Bow Ring, Kate Spade. Kate Spade Bangles: Gold "This is the Year", Yellow "A Shining Light" (NLA),Black "Play Hooky", Dot "In The Spotlight"Lipstick: Supercalafragalipstick in "Adventurous Red", Kate Spade. Shoes: Nicole Lifetime Riding Boots, Nicole.

Take Me Out Tonight!
Paint the town red and white and all that jazz!
Look sassy in stripes with the Katie Skirt! It can dress up for the perfect classy night out!

Top: Tenzin Knit Dress worn tucked in as a top (On Sale), Kate Spade. Earrings&Necklace: My Grandmother's Pearls. Tights: Polka Dot, Modcloth. Ring: All Wrapped Up Bow Ring, Kate Spade. Bracelet: Layered Pearl Bracelet, Vintage. Lipstick: Supercalafragalipstick in "Adventurous Red", Kate Spade. Shoes: Mary Jane Pumps (NLA), Jessica Simpson worn with Black Bow Shoe Clips, Vintage.

I hope you enjoyed my blog take over and that it perhaps inspired you to invest in one of the most magnificent skirts a girl could own: The Katie Skirt! To see more of me stop by Color Me Courtney anytime! I post new looks, style tutorials, fashion buzz, trend trackers and more almost every day and I love to take requests! Cheers! :)


Kelly said...

Sandee, Its a rare day when I see a blog as cute and informational and inspiring as yours, but clearly this is one of those days! Courtney! Luv ya! That was amazing! You remind me of the fabulous Kate Spade girls at my local store, I swear they are a special breed, you girls are all fabulous and Sandee's skirt looks AMAZING on you. I have to say, that red polkadot/striped skirt was SO unexpected and just jaw dropping awesome!! (Red is my favorite color too :) Thank you Sandee and thank you Courtney! Looking forward to reading more posts! Sandee, I love all your dress up pics, I rarely get a moment to comment, but I do my best to check in a couple times a week! Thank you for all the effort you put into this special blog of yours. Hugs to you both!!

Anonymous said...

I like Courtney's blog a lot. I actually have a question at Courtney since she works at KS - Courtney, what type of discount do employees get on merchandise at KS? I ask because I hope to work there this summer. I love KS and own over 35 handbags. I could really use the discount!

Lydia N said...

Thanks for sharing Courtney's blog! This was perfect timing as I just received both of my Katie skirts. I wore the black and white one to an interview for a promotion and landed the job! I think the skirt won me the promotion :)